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Slabba's Pirate Gitz Arrive on Cardano System; Slabba Da Hat Hunta

Finally, I'm actually showing off one of my Orks.. xD
Slabba (used as Ghazghkull Thraka*) is the bad ass of a Pirate Ork force that I have (though they aren't that "pirate-ish" by the looks). I very often use him due to the pure awesomeness he is. I mean who wouldn't like to be a big ork that is clad in metal armour? It was really fun to paint him, and the pictures are quite close to what he looks irl. Now for some fluff!

Slabba, a mighty Warboss of a Pirate Clan named after him, is very known in the Cardano System and anywhere near it (so Ultramar, Sautekh** Dynasty, Tau Empire etc.). Though his forces often fight anyone with something to loot, he is also known to work as a mercenary to anyone who can make a good deal. Even though looting is one of his very favourite hobbies (and fighting), he is known for a collection of large amount of hats/helmets. Every time he defeats someone in a challenge, he takes their hat/helmet and takes it to his large hall of hats. No one knows why he does it, but there have been some speculations that it might be because of a hat he once lost. They even think that the whole reason for all the fights might be because he is looking for that one hat, but can't simply find it. If that is the reason, the ork activity will only get bigger and bigger until he finds it or has the whole Cardano System infested with uncountable amount of orks.

"Wherez me hat!?"
The blood may be a little too bright, but meh, its just fresh then. :D

This one was probably the blurriest of the pictures.
Nothing special over here! The skull looks better irl. But otherwise everything looks about the same.

Well that was all of 'em! Hope you enjoyed and comment if you liked/disliked it. I'm open for criticism. :D
Also, once more, should I write this blog in Finnish or English?
 *That name is so difficult to write..
** I believe that is how it is written? Or am I mistaken?

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