maanantai 9. huhtikuuta 2012

Big update: Necron Lord/ Cryptek; Immortals; Annihilation Barge; Immortals; wip Lych Guard; wip Cryptek!

Now that is one heck of a big topic! :D
Okay, so I've finally finished my Christmas presents, (Immortals+Imotekh) and would happily like to announce that I won't be doing any 40k stuff for a while, because I'm going to do a project for Fantasy Battles, and which will not be shown on this blog, due to being only for 40k. xD
I'll probably do in the middle of it some WBB (or that protocol thing*) markers.. or atleast hope so..
But now time for my crappy pictures again! (Yay!)
Once more, they look better irl imhao.
First some picture of my Lord:
~Why, you have a very big eye..
-Bigger the eye, the better it is for me to shoot you with my lazorz.
~Wait what?
-Shoop da woop I'ma firing mah lazorz!

Then my annihilation barge:

Who needs a covered piloting position when you can have the front line seat!

And, last of the painted ones, my first squad of 10 Immortals:
They are otherwise complete except for their base rims (or whatever you call 'em) 

And then the next necrons in line for painting (and basing), Lych Guard and Cryptek:
The squad still needs three guards more!

Well that is all for some time, for now..
I'll be posting the fantasy project on sotavasara forum tomorrow, just for information.
All comments and critisism will be happily stored deep inside the crypts! :D
Hope you enjoyed!

*WBB sounded better..