keskiviikko 29. kesäkuuta 2011

Space Marines; My history as a wargamer; marines and Terminator for The Red Terror

Long time no update!
I'm back, and this time to show you that I've actually painted 1 miniature in a month! I really need some inspiration, so I thought to start talking about the inspiration for the colour scheme.
But first, some pictures!
Brother Edmond is his name.

I won't be adding any fluff about him today, as I don't want this to be too big..

Now.. About 8 years ago, I was introduced to this hobby by my friends, and I just fell in love with the old Lizardmen. about in a week after that I got my first starter set. The one that comes with 5 space marines, one of which has a Missile Launcher. I was kinda confused back then as one of the marines was blue, while the other were grey. I painted them quite many times and even though they are not so fun to look at, I still like them. they were also my origin to my current Marine scheme. After that box, I got a box of 10 skink archers, but that's another story.
One of my current miniatures - My first miniature
As you can see their colour scheme is quite close. The old marines got me some inspiration for sometime, but now I've ran out of inspiration, and need some to continue painting the metal box users. Now, here are 2 other Black Tears marines:
Sanguinary Priest Dixon with his unbased base! xD

So that is the story of my first box set. I'd like to hear every one's first box set too. Spread your story to others!
Well that is for today. Comments? I really need some inspiration..
Hope you liked it! :D