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A look at | Codex: Tau Empire (6th ed.) | Special HQ choices

So lets start this!

A really nice drawing of Shadowsun

Special HQ Choices

Farsight is still probably one of the best named characters in the Tau army. His price only dropped 5 pts., but now you have no restrictions like before, for example he isn't restricted to only games that are more than 1,5k in size. Like before, he can have a really large group of Crisis Bodyguards and his Warlord Trait makes them a really difficult unit to handle. Though it might be expensive, I'd really like to see someone actually using the maximum amount of bodyguards that he can have. All of them with Plasma Rifles (Twin-linked or just normal) and they will be able to kill pretty much anyone. If against large masses, Burst Cannon would also be a viable option. This would especially be a good option against Orks due to the Preferred Enemy Farsight grants the unit.

Shadowsun has improved quite a bit from before. Just like Farsight, she can now be fielded in games that are less than 1,5k and with more than 100 pts. cheaper, she is a great HQ choice. Due to her Defender of the Greater Good special rule, she probably the best with a unit of Stealth Suits that have Shield Drones. When the unit is shot at, you can just make all of the hits end up wounding the Drones instead of the Stealth Suits. Also with the Infiltration special rule they can just start the game in a building or cover, making their Stealth + Shroud really tough.

Aun'Va had a huge change, all of it positive. 100 pts. cheaper, he is actually a really good support HQ.  He is (imo) meant to just stay at the frontline but away from the combat. Even though both of his guards are decent in CC, with a 5+ save you won't be able to stay there long, while again't ranged attacks you will more likely survive. His Great Invocation and Supreme Loyalty really force him to avoid cc as much as possible.
Atleast you can actually think about taking him now..

The weird thing with the old codex was that they actually dropped few characters from it for no reason - atleast this lad and if I remember correctly the Great Kroot Shaper, not sure - but Aun'Shi is back. Just 5 more points than Aun'va, he is a lot easier to kill by shooting. But instead of that, he is a decent close combatier, who's main job is to challenge enemies. He feels like he is meant to be some just-for-fun-character, since almost none of the Tau are CCers. The only way I would field him would be with a pack of Kroots with Pulse Rounds (making the best use of his Invocation of the Elements by either using the Stone or Fire element). Not my kind of a named character, but he might be good if played correctly.

Darkstrider is a really strong and cheap HQ choice. At only 100 pts. he can make an enemy charge work as an extra firing round with no down side for you. This is why I think that he would be the best choice with Farsight, Shadowsun or just a regular commander. He is also a really strong character with Ethereal in the same team. The only disadvantage I can see with him is that he is an easy target for snipers - like Vindicare Assassin if I remember correctly -  or instant death shooting attacks. The best way to field him would be with a large group of Fire Warriors, supported by a Devilfish and maybe an Ethereal of some sort. The Ethereal isn't a must-have for this, but he really makes the Structural Analyser Signature System a deadly weapon:
12 Fire Warriors firing rapid fire with their Pulse Rifles (24) and some Marker/Gun Drones with them (1-2/2-4) and add Ethereal's Fire Element and you get 36 Pulse Rifle (+ 1-2 markerlight or 3-6 Twin-linked Pulse Carbine) shots directly at the charging unit. All of them have 2+ against Space Marines or weaker and they cause instant death to those that don't have their base toughness 4 or more. With this you could have your Devilfish and a Crisis Suit Team support firing. And after all that you can just consolidate D6 and the enemy didn't get anything out of it.

Well there you have it! The first part of many upcoming articles. If you disagree or think that I've misunderstood something, just leave a comment! Also I hope that this Article wasn't too long.
Hope you enjoyed! :D

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A look at | Codex: Tau Empire (6th ed.) | First words

Hello guys (and gals)!
Last week I bought the new codex for Tau Empire and I like it! I don't have much experience with the new book yet, but I'd like to try something new with this blog. Since I really haven't painted much lately and I've kept telling that I'd update this blog quite often, I decided to do an overview of the units in the new codex!
I'll be telling my own opinions on all the different units there are in the book and I might show a build with which I'd personally go with them. Just as a quick tip I'm not the best Tau player there is but they are my favourite race and they were my first army. Also the builds I'd build them aren't probably the best like what you see in tournaments, as I'm not a competetive player. I'll start with the HQ choices, so wait patiently, I'll start it now (or tomorrow).
Thanks for reading and I hope this will bring some life to this quiet little Blog! :)
PS. I might change the background and organize the blog a bit differently in the next few days.
Also I do not own the picture. It is a picture that I found from the internet and thought that it would fit well with this!

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Finally Tau are here..! At a wrong time!

Note: This is partly a rant!
Tau are finally here. I've waited for this moment for so long, but I find that this is not a happy day. Last Month the WoC came out, and due to that (and some video games) I can only afford the codex, which makes me pissed. If the all-mighty GW told us who come next - like before (I believe Tomb Kings were the last one?) it was 2 months before the release - I wouldn't have this problem. Well I can always hope that I'll be able to buy some new Tau models during the Summer..

Atleast the models look good. Even though they look fantastic, they are really overpriced.. Only set that feels like it should cost that much would probably be the Tau Pathfinders. I would've even been okay witha cost of 30 e for them.

This wasn't such a bad thing though. Now I at least know that I should start repainting and repairing my old Tau army (first 40k army I ever started).  Just after I've done some of the WoC. This will also mean that I'll probably re-do my Tau's fluff. Instead of controlling a lava-planet, I might make it so that they control a jungle planet instead.

Also as a side note, I've been thinking about my Space Marine's colour scheme and I've come to a conclusion that it's not working out for me. That is why I'll make a new colour scheme for them (starting with Space Hulk models). The fluff will stay the same though.

In other words.. I'll upload more stuff here in the future again. :DD
This time maybe for real? >:D