lauantai 13. lokakuuta 2012

News; What to look forward to!

Hahaa! Its been a long while since I've updated this blog of mine! :D
I just recently started to paint some of my miniatures again, but only few of them are finished. Most of them are Orks, but I am currently working on my necrons, painting the Lychguard and the Cryptek (that I had shown earlier in the blog). I will post some pictures as I finish the units, but it may take some time. Meanwhile I might show some of my very first army's models (hint: Space Communist Japanese Fighting Fish) that I painted into a new scheme while I was at my summer job.

Also, as a side question: Should I or should I not keep keep writing this blog in English? What I've seen is that most of the views (somehow) are from English speaking countries (mainly USA if I remember correctly) but all of the dedicated followers are Finnish. I would still write the Fluff parts in English though.*

ALSO, We have just reached 4755 views! :D
Thank you for that!

May the Emperor be with me for wasting your time on a pointless blog update ;)

*EDIT: Apparently its France now.. odd. xD

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