keskiviikko 7. marraskuuta 2012

Bromitus Necrons: Lychguard and Cryptek painted; What to look forward to..

Hello once again!
I had some time (and it was so bright) that I decided to take some pictures of the newest painted Necrons! :D
The Necron Cryptek was a simple conversion only using a Deathmark head, a Necron Warrior torso (and the left hand), a Triarch Praetorian staff and one of their Back spine (correct me if I have miss written that). Anyways, here are the pictures!

The pictures are okay this time, they look better irl, but some of the mistakes aren't so noticeable with a naked eye. Also a few of 'em are quite shady.

I bought a box of Immortals from Fantasiapelit shop (there is still one more waiting) and I will probably build them soon. We will see when though.

Hope you enjoyed/got inspired! :D