lauantai 24. joulukuuta 2011

Merry Christmas and a happy new Hulk!

Merry Christmas! :D
Boy have I had fun today, so busy, that I can actually only now post this, even though I was supposed to post it  in the morning.
As a small treat for christmas, instead of posting my long late genestealer pictures (xD), I'm going to show this great video I found today.
So enjoy!

Even though the voices aren't that great, this really made me smile and laugh. :)

And some news, you should see (and I mean it!) some new necrons soon, like for example a scratch built Cryptek (though it still needs a staff..), an Imotekh, and 10 Immortals.

perjantai 2. joulukuuta 2011

Necron armylist update! V.1.1

So I've made some minor changes to this list, nothing else. ;)

HQ - 585 pts.
-Imotekh the Stormlord - 225 pts.

-Destroyer Lord - 160 pts.
Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs

-Royal Court - 200 pts.
Necron Lord: Warscythe and Resurrection orb
Cryptek: Harbringer of Despair, Veil of Darkness, Nightmare Shroud
Cryptek: Harbringer of Destruction, Solar Pulse

Elites - 315 pts.
-7 Lychguard - 315 pts.
Hyperphase swords & Dispersion Shields

Troops - 770 pts.
-20 Warriors - 260 pts.

-10 Immortals - 170 pts.
Tesla Carbines

-10 Immortals - 170 pts.
Tesla Carbines

-10 Immortals - 170 pts.
Tesla Carbines

Fast Attack - 475 pts.
-5 Canoptek Wraiths - 205 pts.
3 whip coils

-8 Canoptek Scarabs - 120 pts.

5 Tomb Blades - 150 pts.
Shadowlooms, Twin-linked Tesla Carbines

Heavy Support - 355 pts.
-Doom Scythe - 175 pts.

-Annihilation Barge - 90 pts.

-Annihilation Barge - 90 pts.

Total: 2500 pts.

keskiviikko 30. marraskuuta 2011

Bromitus Necrons 2,5k armylist (V.1.0)

I just bought the new codex yesterday (at last)! I must say, I like the new codex quite a lot, but I liked the old fluff more.. But I don't mean this new fluff is bad, it's just, you know, so different from what I loved.. :/
Anyway here is an updated fluff:

Necrons, the first Lords of Cardano, but forever forgotten, have returned.. They came out from nowhere..
Cardano System is very close to three places: The Ultramar, home of the Ultramarines; Tau Empire, the followers of the Greater Good; and finally, the Sautekh Dynasty, led by Imotekh the Stormlord himself. The Sautekh Dynasty had no interest in Cardano, until the Necrons on Bromitus rose. Quickly, after the first sight of Necrons in Bromitus, the Sautekh Dynasty raced to Cardano, with an army that could destroy both the necrons and Imperials there.
When the Bromitus Necrons woke, they started attacking anything in their sight, commanded by a mad Destroyer Lord, Creuphus the Oblivion. Creuphus was enraged of the Imperium for populating his Tomb World, and more importantly, his Cardano System.
When Imotekh arrived to Bromitus, he found the Imperium and the Bromitus Necrons fighting for domination. He didn't come there to aid the Bromitus Necrons, but to add them to his dynasty. And the only way was to defeat Creuphus and take his forces. So the first thing he did was to eliminate Creuphus, in a duel. The battle was fought, but in the end, Creuphus had no chance of victory. For some reason however, instead of destroying him, Imotekh only made him a mindless slave, to be used for times that would need a temporary leader of Bromitus Necrons, for example when he would be somewhere else..
After the addition, he focused on the Imperium, banishing them from Bromitus, and claiming it for the Sautekh Dynasty.

Now without a further delay, I present to you a list (still in progress, it may change and all that).

HQ - 735 pts.
Imotekh the Stormlord - 225 pts.

Destroyer Lord - 170 pts.
Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Resurrection Orb

Royal Court - 340 pts.
3 Necron Lords with Warscythes and Resurrection Orbs
Cryptek with Harbringer of Despair, Veil of Darkness
Cryptek with Harbringer of Destruction, Solar Pulse

Elites - 315 pts.
7 Lychguard - 315 pts.
Hyperphase swords & Dispersion Shields

Troops - 600 pts.
20 Warriors - 260 pts.

10 Immortals - 170 pts.
Gauss Blasters

10 Immortals - 170 pts.
Gauss Blasters

Fast Attack - 495 pts.
5 Canoptek Wraiths - 225 pts.
Whip Coils

8 Canoptek Scarabs - 120 pts.

5 Tomb Blades - 150 pts.

Heavy Support - 350 pts.
Doom Scythe - 175 pts.

Doomsday Ark - 175 pts.

Total: 2495 pts.

What you think? Leave a comment! :D

perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2011

Necrons on sale tomorrow!

In just less than 10 hours starts a new day and a new day for necrons! I am just so excited about the new releases! :D
But, I fear that you will only be seeing more necrons (except lists for my army) after christmas, as I'm currently busy getting my Space Hulk ready (the 1/4 genestealers only need metal on their bases as we speak) and I'll be buying some skaven (such products as 1-2 boxes of Stormvermin and the old metal warplightning cannon,) after (or before) the necron codex.

Also, you may want to see some artwork for some units:

torstai 3. marraskuuta 2011

The Red Terror continues; 1/4 of the genestealers done!

Okay so finally an update!
I've had these lads finished for some time now, but I haven't had the time (or lighting) to take pictures.
the other 1/4 should be ready soon, as I've been painting quite a lot recently..
So here are the pictures! And yes, the pictures are kinda crappy, but I finally had the time, but it is already a little dark.. Also the red looks a lot more smoother and such irl. Also, I finally got to use the new vallejo paints I ordered, so I'm still a little 'alien' to how to use them properly, because I'm used to Citadel colours.

Also the dead skin looks much more.. grey.
Also my friend (who plays behemoth tyranids) said that this is their broodlord wannabee! xD

Hope you enjoyed! :D
The other 1/4 genestealers should be ready soon, so after them I shall spray the last terminators and Mephiston (who has different name ofc.)!

torstai 20. lokakuuta 2011

Free time: Title for a Role Playing Forum

So.. I just recently made this title for a roleplaying forum that I'm in, and would like to know what you guys think? Probably going to edit it later, so I'm open for some suggestions! :D

And some quick news!
I've soon finished 1/4 of all of the genestealers, so stay calm, I'll be adding pictures when they are done!

lauantai 15. lokakuuta 2011

Necrons get some love! :D

Finally, some leaked pictures of the upcoming necron invasion!
I won't be showing all the pictures, but my favourites. You can find the other pictures from:
These really look great!

Great looking, but, I think they would have looked better if they would have been more like the old Pariahs.
These fellows really remind me of the ones up, but not as beautiful.. But if they have great rules: Ofcourse!

I'm already starting to think what kind of list I'll build. Maybe something far shooting and heavy bodyguard style list?

Great looking, but the green rods disturb me, as those look quite different..
Otherwise absolutely beautiful! But weren't they supposed to be terminator base sized?

I'll probably be adding these 'Deathmarks' to my list, but we will see..
Then the new 'Cron Lords..
That one on the left is just so beatiful!
The one next to him looks to be made from the Barge Command.

I really like that Imotekh, but the Trazyn.. not so much..
We will see which character from all of them I'll be adding to my list.

Hope to seeing the artwork in their codex! :D

keskiviikko 21. syyskuuta 2011

News; Look up!

Small update time! :D
Just made that thing up there, using Gimp 2, but saving it with Paint.Net.
Tell me, what you guys think about it? Comment! >:)

Oh and also, The Mephiston and some paints should be sent to me around 27.9. as they have to order Vallejo* Game Colour Cold Grey. As long as I don't have to wait for more than a year, I'm happy.
So.. You should see more updates when the order arrives!

*Yes, I've had enough of GW's over priced paints!

See ya later!

maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

For a friend; Luna Wolf Captain; 'Blood' Grey Knight; News

Hahaa! I'm back!
Found some old(ish) pictures, of some minis I painted for a friend of mine.

Now, first of all, I didn't assemble them, he did.
And second, I didn't base them, as he didn't want to.
And third, He already has them so I can't take any better pictures.

Oh, and some news!
I haven't been painting the Genestealers, as I've been waiting to get some paints (mostly red paints) and Mephiston from Boostep, and they still haven't arrived...
Probably gonna ask them what is taking so long, as I've soon had enough of waiting..
Well, Hope you enjoyed! :D

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

Full of epicosity: Warhammer Wrath of Heroes

Time for something little different..

I've always loved warhammer fantasy, ever since I started to hobby, way back. Heck, even my first army was Lizardmen, though I only bought just few boxes of them..
And I loved Warhammer Online, untill they decided to stop selling the extra time thingies at stores..
But now the makers of WAR are making something new.. that is free!
Can't wait too see more about this! :D

maanantai 5. syyskuuta 2011

The Hive Mind calls; Broodlord!

Finally, an update!
I've been sick today.. I had a small fever at the morning, but now I feel better.. Anyways...
This time the first of the Genestealers: The Broodlord himself!

+++736.M41 - Huiqus Lepit's captain's diary+++
We have found many remains, most just skulls, but few pieces of Terminator Armour were found. Most of the armours wore the Ultramarine colours, with the helmets being white.
We also found something, rather unexpected. Blood Angel armour, holding a chalice, that was thought long lost.. The Blood Angel was just sitting there, long dead, looking at the emptiness of the room. The armour made us feel sorrow, for our fallen brother, whom hold the same gene-seed as we do... 

That way boys!

And something I decided to make: a new Captain! So that means I have 4/10 captains of the Black Tears, with two of them painted!

Jean-Louis-Constant d'Allemagne, Captain of the 4th Company

"Come here~"

tiistai 9. elokuuta 2011

Updated Ork army; V.1.1!

Okay, so the campaign stopped 9 days ago (to tyranids victory..) and I've made a few changes to the army list!

HQ - 210 pts.
Warboss - 110 pts.
Power Klaw, Twin-linked Shoota, Attack Squig, 'Eavy Armour

Big Mek - 100 pts.
Kustom Force Field, Attack Squig, 

Elites - 355 pts.
5 Burna Boyz - 75 pts.
Trukk: Stikkbomb Chukka, Reinforced Ram - 45 pts.

7 Lootas - 105 pts.

7 Kommandos - 130 pts.
Burna, Rokkit Launcha, Nob, Power Klaw

Troops - 600 pts.
20 Orks - 165 pts.
Choppa 'n' Slugga, Nob, Power Klaw, 2 Big Shootas

20 Orks - 175 pts.
Choppa 'n' Slugga, Nob, Power Klaw, 2 Rokkit Launchas

10 Orks - 105 pts.
Shootas, Nob, Rokkit Launcha, Power Klaw

5 Nobs - 180 pts.
3 Power Klaws, Shoota/Rokkit Kombi-Weapon, Slugga 'n' Choppa

Fast Attack - 285 pts.
5 Storm Boyz - 60 pts.
Slugga 'n' Choppa, Nob

5 Deffkoptas - 225 pts.
Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas

Heavy Support - 50 pts.
Killa Kan - 50 pts.
Rokkit Launcha

Total: 1500 pts.

So what do you think?

maanantai 8. elokuuta 2011

The Red Terror; Brother Danius

I've finally finished 1/2 of the Terminator! :D
Next would probably be 1/2 of the Genestealers, but, before undercoatting them, I might paint couple of my Chaos Lizards.
I present to you: Brother Danius!

Brother Danius
"Kill the Mutant! Burn the Heretic! Purge the Unclean! Let the Red Thirst blind us!"
"I'm your worst nightmare, door.."

The pictures are pretty good this time! :D

Now for some group picture!

Say cheese!
 And everyone in a close up!
Brother Edmond

Brother Adalard

Sergeant Mainard

Brother Danius

Brother Napoli

Huiqus Lepit
Hope you enjoyed! :)

sunnuntai 24. heinäkuuta 2011

Showcase; Grand Officer Danius Poile

I've always loved the model, and when I got him from my friend, I just had to paint it as soon as possible!
I had some difficulties deciding how to paint him, and I'm very pleased with the result.

Danius Poile is the Grand Officer of Cardano System, commanding all the Imperial Guard Regiments that fight there. His superior tactics have helped him defeat almost any battle fought. It is believed that Cardano System would have been lost long time ago, if he wouldn't be in command.

"Send the Hellhounds!"

He looks way better in real life..

perjantai 22. heinäkuuta 2011

For a friend; Justicar Thawn in red!

Sorry for not updating! I've been at our summer cottage and just came home today.
I've painted the miniature for the same friend that wanted Castellan Crowe some time ago.
So without anymore delay, here are the pictures:
He didn't want it to be based.. D: Oh well..

I believe it's almost entirely made from the normal GK termy kit -> I didn't make it!

I really had some difficulty with that halberd(?) as it broke and I couldn't decide how to paint the blade part..

Overall I'm ok with the result, though I'd have changed few things in it (Like add a freehand on the hood).
Tomorrow I'll try to update this blog a little more..

maanantai 18. heinäkuuta 2011

2 Terminators: Brother Napoli and Sergeant Mainard!

Update time!
Sorry, no battle report after all.. D:
I've managed to paint one of the terminators, leaving one more (that is undercoated)! After him, I'll start painting some Genestealers! >:D
Well anyways, here are the pictures!

Brother Napoli
"True believers, shall be saved! Brothers and sisters, keep strong in the faith!"

I want you!

Horrible pictures are horrible..
I tested to try to make the black look as if it shines.

Sergeants Mainard
"Brothers! The xeno scum shall not take our lives today! Today, Sanguinius is with us!"
Give me a hug!

And a group picture (with a peek for my tomorrow's post!)

Hope you enjoyed! :D
Do you have any comments?