perjantai 20. toukokuuta 2011

Bromitus Necrons army list version 1.1

Made few changes on the list:

HQ - 345 pts.
Necron Lord Spyrdaenus - 140 pts.
Resurrection Orb, Disruption Field.

Necron Lord Nerthenkhus - 205 pts.
Destroyer Body, Resurrection Orb, Lightning Field, Warscythe.

Elites - 196 pts.
7 Immortals - 196 pts.

Troops - 540  pts.
10 Warriors - 180 pts.

10 Warriors - 180 pts.

10 Warriors - 180 pts.

Fast Attack - 484 pts.
7 Scarab Swarms - 84 pts.

4 Destroyers - 200 pts.

4 Destroyers - 200 pts.

Heavy Support - 430 pts.
Monolith - 235 pts.

Tomb Stalker - 195 pts.

Miniatures: 56
Necrons: 47
25% of the Necrons: 11,75 ~ 12
Total: 1995 pts.

keskiviikko 11. toukokuuta 2011

The Red Terror; Captain Huiqus Lepit and Brother Adalard

Long time no update!
I have been quite busy for some time now, so haven't had much time to paint..
Mostly because School..and lazyness.. and Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 xD..
But, I have painted two terminators to go on board of the Red Terror! :D
Took some pictures; Some lighted with the camera light.. thingy.. and some without (though my room's lights were on..)

Huiqus Lepit, Captain of the first company
+++746.M41 - Huigus Lepit's captain's diary+++
The Chapter Lord sent us to study the strange Space Hulk that arrived just moments ago. Even though he says that he demanded us, we really wanted it.The Red Terror was last time seen in Ultramar, and the force sent to recover information were lost.. But, we shall know no fear.. We shall be successful in what the Ultramarines weren't.

Brother Adalard
"I do not care of the Xenos, as we have a larger threat.. the threat within. The threat of the heretics.."

The Tyranids will be in the Behemoth scheme.

And a little note: They are a Blood Angels successor chapter.. The Black Tears.

keskiviikko 4. toukokuuta 2011

Bromitus Necrons; Necrons needing reinforcements!

I have finally painted everyone of the necrons I have. Feels great as, this is actually the first army that I have painted fully (but isn't ready yet.. Going to make about 2k pts. army, and I have currently around 700 points..)
Heres some pictures I took:

Non can escape the will of C'Tan!
Also, I have a little hint of what I'm up to currently:

We have noticed a large red 'hulk' that has came from a warp jump, suddenly appeared quite near Thenchor, appearing to have all sort of ships crashed on it.. It glows red and was named The Red Terror.. It is surrounded by small parts of old space ships, some that look ancient. The Black Tears, the space marines whom are from Cardano, send 12 dedicaded veterans, that had succsesfully earned their trust to wear a Terminator armour.. The force is lead by Captain Huiqus Lepit of the 1st company and by the Librarian Epistolary Mauno the Red. Joined by them are 2 squads of 5 terminators; Aliqnus and Bethjy Squads.. We aren't certain what they'll come across there, but time will tel..

tiistai 3. toukokuuta 2011

For a friend; Castellan Crowe with better pictures

Got some better pictures(, it looks about the same as in those pictures):
Front view

Back + Freehands

Side view

Side view

A sword that looks good enough for me..
And the sword again.

Upper view

Leg stepping on a chaos star.


Hope you enjoyed! ;)

maanantai 2. toukokuuta 2011

For a friend; Castellan Crowe in red!

Okay, so this is a miniature I painted for my friend, and is also the only new Grey Knight model that I like (I think it's because I don't like their heads or Storm Bolters; I liked the old ones more). The colour scheme is his grey knight colour scheme, and, if I remember correctly, they use Thousand Sons gene-seed (or something like that..). Here are the pictures:

Hope you enjoyed! :D