perjantai 29. huhtikuuta 2011

Bromitus Necrons; 7 almost finished NW and a group shot

So a little update, nothing much really, just some warriors and a group shot (Note that some of the pictures aren't the best):

More updates coming later when I'm finished painting the last 3 necrons!

maanantai 18. huhtikuuta 2011

Showcase; Dark Apostle Evrusthas

I just had to buy Huron the Blackheart, even though I don't collect Chaos Space Marines. The mini was easy to assemble and made a small conversion. I painted it in Word Bearers theme, and I have to say, it was fun painting it! :D

Evrusthas is the leader of the Word Bearers in Cardano system, leading them with his sorcerer apprentice. Evrusthas came to the system when the warp storm came, during 600.M41, that made the system filled with disorder, making it a perfect system to conquer. But.. the Word Bearers weren't the only traitor Space Marines that had their eyes on the system. Another warband launched their invasion at the same time as the Word Bearers. The two warbands have been fighting each other quite often, but they have also united their forces against others. One thing is for sure, that the alliances don't last long.. Evrusthas was a Chaplain before the Horus Heresy, and has commanded his forces so long, that his skin is dead and you can even see his bones and skull.. Evrusthas comands the forces from Denectus, seeing it's desert lands easy to taint. Evrusthas' one goal in conquering the system is so that he could sacrifice it to the daemon prince Lorgar: the Primarch of the Word Bearers and in return he'd wish to become a mortal being like Lorgar.. To become a daemon prince..


Crozius Arcanum was made from WH FB Chaos Warriors banner top.. thingy..

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lauantai 16. huhtikuuta 2011

Bromitus Necrons; Another Lord and Scarabs

Here are some fresh pictures of my Foot Lord and 4 Scarab Swarms!

The Imperium of Man has had a huge interest in the Necrons of Bromitus, seeing their unique way of actually for some reason, communicating with each other with a strange language, making it possible that they still have their memory of their past. The collected samples of them (that disappeared after some time) haven't given any secrets. Some most notable 'S-Necrons' are the Necron Lords, communicating and even maybe giving tactics to the warriors. The most influencial Lords would be the Spyrdaenus, (the name given by Tech Priest Daenus Luigus) who has been sighted to communicate with a scarab, reason unkown. The other one is Nerthenkhus, that is clearly the head of the Bromitus Necrons. Other notable thing would be that some of the Necron Lords have these orbs, similar to resurection orbs, that turn the Necron into a creature, that looks much like the C'tan.
Lord Spyrdaenus




A view of his face.
Sorry, no better picture of the free hands.. =/


4 Scarab Swarms

The soulless return..

The necrons arise..

Presentation: Bromitus Necrons; Lord and 'WBB' Warriors

This is an army that I think that I started in December, so is quite a new one. I wanted that the army The army currently contains 2 Hq choices, 2 Troop Choices and a Fast Attack, but first, I'll show you guys (and gals) the first ones:

"Planet bromitus, for long was the capital of the Imperium's Cardano System, but soon fell as it's first owners arised from their hidden tombs and started to kill anyone in their path.. Even though the Imperial Guards and the Space Marines in Cardano system were victorious at first, They soon started to lose more and more men after each attack. Soon after having heavy casualties, they evacuated as many of the citizens of bromitus as possible.. As most of the population fled, the necrons took over the planet, even though two Space Marine chapters still tried to destroy the necrons.."

Necron Lord Nerthenkhus
Upper view + Free Hand
10-man 'WBB' Necron Warrior squad
The whole group back at the start!
I would like some comments! (though I think no one reads this yet xD)

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Welcome; Introduction; Fluff

Hello and welcome to my blog! :D
This blog is about my forces in the grim dark future of the 41st millenium. The fluff of the forces are centered into one system, called Cardano. Please enjoy; The blog will have pictures of my four 40k armies and some fluff sometimes. There may even be some tutorials and battle reports, depending on if I actually make some.

Fluff is usually written with cursives, and everything else without.

Now here is some main fluff on the system:

Cardano system is made from a large star, 4 (partly) livable planets and 2 gas giants. Cardano system was found by the Imperium of Man during the great crusade. Cardano system is in the Eastern Fringe, locaded next to Ultramar and Tau Empire. Here are the livable planets listed from (currently) the closest planet from the star to the furthest planet:
Shairia - A planet currently under Tau Empire's control. High amount of resources hidden beneath.
Denectus - Black Tears' main training planet, with only one fortress remaining due to the traitor Space Marines that have taken the North.
Bromitus - A planet evacuated due to the Necrons that have taken control. Few forces have been sent there from time to time.
Thenchor - A frozen planet, that is the current capitol of the system and is in the greatest shape.

Ps. Sorry if my English isn't the greatest.