torstai 9. toukokuuta 2013

A look at | Codex: Tau Empire (6th ed.) | First words

Hello guys (and gals)!
Last week I bought the new codex for Tau Empire and I like it! I don't have much experience with the new book yet, but I'd like to try something new with this blog. Since I really haven't painted much lately and I've kept telling that I'd update this blog quite often, I decided to do an overview of the units in the new codex!
I'll be telling my own opinions on all the different units there are in the book and I might show a build with which I'd personally go with them. Just as a quick tip I'm not the best Tau player there is but they are my favourite race and they were my first army. Also the builds I'd build them aren't probably the best like what you see in tournaments, as I'm not a competetive player. I'll start with the HQ choices, so wait patiently, I'll start it now (or tomorrow).
Thanks for reading and I hope this will bring some life to this quiet little Blog! :)
PS. I might change the background and organize the blog a bit differently in the next few days.
Also I do not own the picture. It is a picture that I found from the internet and thought that it would fit well with this!

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